Dog with Severe Platelet Disorder is Saved by the Team at Advanced Veterinary Care Center

July 17, 2023

“Oreo is such a good boy and he’s been through so much,” says Nesryn Escander of her sweet pup. Before meeting doctors at Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Davie, FL, Ms. Escander noticed something was off with her Shih Tzu baby.“ He was just lethargic and wasn’t really eating his food,” she says.  He loves to eat, but he wasn’t himself.” Ms. Escander took Oreo to her family veterinarian, where he was diagnosed with ITP, Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia. ITP results when a pet’s immune system inappropriately targets its own healthy platelets and destroys them. During this time, Oreo had a few additional hospital visits due to emergency eye surgery, low platelet count and issues with his steroid therapy.

Veterinary Doctor holding dog
Oreo and Dr. Macho

Oreo Comes to Advanced Veterinary Care Center

Fast forward a few weeks and Oreo’s regular vet was unavailable during an emergency relapse of his ITP. Ms. Escander took Oreo right away to AVCC. “We get to Advanced and they rush out and took him in. Dr. Rothstein, my little angel was wonderful. She is the one who first treated Oreo and got Dr. Macho involved. I just love him. He was just so kind and explained things.  They are incredibly responsive.”

Doctors and nurses worked to normalize Oreo’s platelet count. He went home healthy, with a great appetite and activity level. However, Oreo’s platelet count dropped again.  Since medical management of Oreo’s disease did not support his recovery long-term, Oreo needed a splenectomy (surgical removal of the spleen). In ITP, the spleen is often one source of platelet destruction.

Dr. Arulpragasam, AVCC’s Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon removed Oreo’s spleen. “I met Dr. A and I was in awe of her,” adds Ms. Escander. “She was so confident. She explained everything to me.”

The surgery was a success and Oreo’s platelet count, “was going up and up,” says Ms. Escander.  “It’s been amazing ever since. I can’t say enough great things about the doctors at Advanced. I just think that they are extremely professional, top of the line from the minute you walk in. It’s like you have all these experts under one roof. They will do whatever it takes to get them healthy.”

Oreo’s Condition Today

Today, Oreo’s ITP remains in remission and he returns to Advanced Veterinary Care Center for checkups as needed. “Every time I have a question, and we do bloodwork, I send it to Dr. Macho and within hours they are getting back to me,” adds Ms. Escander. “I wish human doctors were this responsive. They are a special group, so incredibly special.”

Today, Oreo is back to himself, running around the house, playing with dogs, going on walks and more! “He is very social and loves people,” says Ms. Escander. “They saved his life and I am forever grateful for such great care.”

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