Boxer Dog Rushed to AVCC with Near Fatal Reproductive Disease

February 27, 2024

Nearly 1 in 4 Female Dogs is At Risk


“It was a very big emergency and life threatening,” recalls Dara Griner of her dog Daisy. A nearly 8-year-old Boxer, Daisy historically had a regular menstrual cycle. But recently, when her heat cycle lasted unusually long, Dara became concerned. “There was a lot of blood, so I started panicking,” she adds.

Dara went to her family veterinarian who ran some tests. “They could see something was wrong,” says Dara, who was then referred for emergency surgery. Turns out, Daisy had pyometra, a very serious and potentially life-threatening infection of the uterus that causes it to fill with bacteria and pus. All female dogs that are not spayed are susceptible to pyometra, although it’s more common in middle-aged to older dogs who are unaltered. According to the National Institute of Health, it affects roughly 1 out of every 4 female dogs. “My whole life I have only had female dogs. I didn’t even know pyometra was a thing,” says Dara.

In looking back, Dara recognized additional signs that Daisy was not feeling well. “Before she got sick, she was starting to act grumpy and was laying around, not wanting to be a playful Boxer. She was refusing to eat. But, we were in the process of moving and we thought she was just upset about that.”

Daisy is rushed to AVCC

Dara took Daisy to Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Davie. She immediately felt at home upon arrival saying, “The staff made me feel so comfortable. They made me feel that I was in the right spot. Daisy saw the nurse right away to be assessed. They were prepping her for surgery by the time I was done with the paperwork.”

AVCC’s Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Barry Brower performed Daisy’s life-saving surgery. Her uterus was distended and fluid filled and her ovaries were enlarged and cystic. Dr. Brower removed Daisy’s uterus and ovaries and today, she is doing amazing! “She is back to playing with her Frenchie sister, Posie, all over the house,” says Dara. “Daisy is running and jumping and being normal. You would think she is a puppy for how she is.”

Dara is grateful she chose Advanced Veterinary Care during her crisis, saying, “They know the pet parent is having the worst day of their life. Everyone has a good heart and comes from a place of understanding and compassion at AVCC. They truly cared about Daisy. They saved her life!”

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