24-Hour Emergency Animal Hospital Helps Dog in Distress

May 14, 2024

Advanced Veterinary Care Center’s Expert Team in Broward County Comes to Chelsea’s Aid

“She was in respiratory distress and gasping for air,” recalls Tracey Internoscia. Suddenly, her spunky 13-year-old Yorkie, Chelsea had problems breathing. “We were away and she was being watched by family. It happened quickly,” adds Tracey. Chelsea was rushed to Advanced Veterinary Care Center’s 24-hour emergency animal hospital in Davie (Broward County), where she was cared for right away. “AVCC called me non-stop.” recalls Tracey gratefully, “because they knew I was stressed out. She was not doing great.”

In the week leading up to Chelsea’s emergency, Tracey noticed she had been coughing more than usual. The month prior, Chelsea was diagnosed with a heart murmur. It turns out, Chelsea was experiencing congestive heart failure. She was stabilized and received round the clock care at Advanced Veterinary Care Center, including oxygen support and 24/7 nursing care.

Dr. Taelor Aasen, one of AVCC’s 13 full time ER doctors (the most in the area) took care of Chelsea like her own. “She is so personable,” adds Tracey, “and really is patient and answered all my emails and called me. She kept me updated. Dr. Aasen would hold her on her lap while she worked on her computer. Chelsea was very well taken care of.”

Chelsea Heads Home

After a few days, Chelsea was able to go home and a cardiologist confirmed the diagnosis. She remained on the same medication protocol from AVCC. But, “she stopped eating one day,” says Tracey. New bloodwork revealed, “her values were crazy,” according to Tracey. She had developed an acute kidney injury from the medications used to stabilize and treat her heart failure. Chelsea went back to Advanced Veterinary Care Center. “They did an IV drip of fluids and they had to do a feeding tube. I was nervous that she wouldn’t be coming home this time.”

Chelsea’s kidney values were monitored and while they improved, Tracey learned that managing heart disease and renal values would be a delicate balancing act. “Our goal is to continue supporting her kidney function by keeping her well hydrated while not over-exerting her heart’s ability to pump blood throughout the body,” says Dr. Aasen. “Managing underlying kidney disease with concurrent heart disease can be challenging as the recommended therapy to support each of these organs often exacerbates the other,” adds Dr. Aasen. Additional therapies were discussed to help Chelsea find that balance.

Today, Chelsea is back to acting like herself again, according to Tracey, who is thankful for the care she received while at Advanced Veterinary Care Center. “You felt comfortable that they were going to do their best,” says Tracey about AVCC. “I know they try their hardest. It felt like you were leaving your dog at a real hospital. If I didn’t take her to AVCC, she definitely would have died.”

About AVCC’s 24-hour emergency center:

Advanced Veterinary Care Center is South Florida’s 24-hour regional center for pet emergency, trauma and critical illnesses. With the best staffed full time ER in the community, our doctors are highly skilled and experienced, as well as internship and residency trained. Independently owned and operated, AVCC’s commitment to excellence includes the most state-of-the art facility led by Board Certified veterinary experts in surgery, oncology and internal medicine. You can rest assured your pet is receiving the gold standard of care.

Advanced Veterinary Care Center – Advanced Technology, Trusted Expertise 24/7

Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Davie (Broward County) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to call us anytime at 954-500-8387 or visit us online here!

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