Pet CPR at its Best: The RECOVER Initiative at AVCC

May 3, 2023

AVCC is proud to be a part of the RECOVER Initiative!  RECOVER assists in our mission to provide the highest quality care and improve the chances of a positive outcome for pets in an emergency or critical situation.

The Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation (RECOVER) initiative was started by a team of veterinary emergency and critical care specialists in 2010.  The goal was to develop and disseminate the first true evidence-based veterinary CPR guidelines.

At AVCC, all of our doctors, nurses, and assistants are enrolled or have completed their RECOVER certification.  This is a comprehensive training that includes online modules, in-person simulations, and hands-on practice. It teaches veterinary professionals how to recognize cardiac arrest, perform high-quality CPR, and use advanced resuscitation techniques when necessary.

The RECOVER certification process is the ONLY veterinary CPR certification recognized by the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care and Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society as a standardized method derived from the latest evidence-based veterinary CPR guideline. The initiative is also a non-profit endeavor.

We’re proud to be a part of this important initiative and to continue providing exceptional care to our furry patients.

To learn more about the RECOVER Initiative visit:

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