One Family, Two Cat Catastrophes

December 21, 2018

Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Davie Gives Holiday Hope to Squirty and Meep!

When Cathy Conrad of Coconut Creek noticed her three-year-old cat Squirty was not acting right at home, she took him to her primary care veterinarian. X-rays suggested a potentially fatal infection in his abdomen. Cathy was advised to bring Squirty right away to Advanced Veterinary Care Center (AVCC) in Davie.

“As soon as we walked in, the doctors and nurses took him right to the back and started working,” says Cathy. “The critical care doctor was super nice and she had optimism in her voice.” AVCC’s Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Shiara Arulpragasm performed surgery to repair the perforated gastroduodenal ulcer. Afterwards, Squirty required quite a bit of post-op care, including a plasma transfusion (a blood product to treat bleeding disorders), IV fluids, medications, an abdominal drain and more. After four days of round the clock love and care, Squirty was able to go home. “He’s my miracle cat,” adds Cathy.

But, it was while Squirty was in recovery at AVCC that Cathy went home to discover yet another feline fiasco.  Her one-year-old Maine Coon, Meep, had broken his leg.  “We had left our house to visit Squirty and came home to discover Meep was hiding under the sofa. His bone was sticking out of his leg,” says Cathy. So, she headed back to AVCC with Meep, where he underwent a successful repair for a tibial fracture (see x-ray).

Meep will be in a padded bandage in addition to the metal implants for several weeks while the limb and wounds heal. Meanwhile, Squirty is fully recovered and back to his old self according to Cathy. “He’s jumping and playing with the other cats, grooming himself and just seems so much happier!”

Cathy credits Advanced Veterinary Care Center for giving her hope for both Squirty and Meep. “They are always optimistic at AVCC. Everyone from the front desk to the nurses and doctors are all nice and professional. They welcome you anytime to come and visit your pet. And, there is always someone who is happy to talk to you and provide updates. It takes me sometimes an hour to drive to AVCC in Davie, but I will absolutely make that drive for the amazing doctors and service!”

Meep before he broke his leg

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