French Bulldog Puppy Survives Contagious and Deadly Disease

August 22, 2023

Louie’s dad Curtis McLean sensed something was amiss when he couldn’t see his four-month-old Merle French bulldog on the security camera. “This dog is my life. He goes everywhere with me,” Curtis explained about his shared bond with Louie. But, it was the pup’s bad habit of chewing bike tire spokes that got him into trouble this particular day. Louie suffered a broken jaw when his teeth became entangled with the wires.

Curtis immediately rushed Louie to a nearby emergency veterinarian. But, upon returning home after surgery, Louie began to vomit and pass blood.  This time, Curtis’s family vet urged him to rush Louie to Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Davie (South Florida) for treatment.

The AVCC team suspected Louie’s vomiting and diarrhea was not the result of the surgery.  Instead, Louie was positive for hookworms and parvovirus (a highly contagious and deadly disease). This resulted in a seven-day hospital stay where Louie lived in isolation under the care of his veterinary team. After 24 hours, Louie’s treatment started to work.

AVCC’s supportive care included intravenous fluids, nausea medication, antibiotics, a feeding tube, antacids, and pain medication.  But, just as important as the team’s expert medical care was the way in which they welcomed the family as part of Louie’s healing journey. The staff at AVCC was, “…absolutely amazing,” Curtis gushed, adding, “It was a pleasure. All of the staff, all of the people at the front are super nice. The nurses are super nice.”

Curtis and his wife Kelly were able to visit Louie three times a day during his week at AVCC, and the family noted how accommodating and caring the entire staff was during this troubling time. “It’s not what I expected,” Curtis explained about the AVCC team’s level of support, noting, “Everyone is exceptionally nice.”

After a week of treatment, Louie’s improved health earned him his ticket home, but AVCC’s care did not end there. The team called and checked up on Louie multiple times to ensure his total recovery. Today, Louie the Merle French bulldog puppy rides shotgun in his dad’s truck.  But, perhaps his favorite outing includes joining his family for a dinner out, in his own chair, waiting for the bites of his favorite chicken to come his way.

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