Covid-19: What to Expect During Your Emergency and Specialty Veterinary Visit

At Advanced Veterinary Care Center our goal is to continue to provide you with the very best standard of care, while protecting our team and the community from the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic. We would like to set the following expectation when you arrive to our hospital.

Wait Times at ER’s Across The Country Have Skyrocketed. Here Are Just A Few Of The Many Reasons Why:


-There is a national shortage of veterinarians.
-There has been a surge in pet ownership since the pandemic began.
-Veterinary hospitals are working with staff shortages due to Covid-19 infection.
-Protective measures have been put in place to slow or stop the spread of Covid-19.

How We Handle Emergencies:


We triage and care for the sickest pets first. Pets in a life-threatening situation, who arrive after you, may be seen before you, if your pet is not in critical condition.
-We are reliably at or near capacity. Your wait time may be adjusted during your visit and on occasion, we may need to refer you to another facility.

We Are Not A General Practice Veterinarian:


-After normal business hours, we are strictly an Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit. Identification of life-threatening problems and stabilization of patients are the main priorities. Some patients will still require follow-up care with their primary care veterinarian or with one of our board-certified specialists during normal business hours.
-We do not handle routine veterinary care like check-ups, yearly bloodwork, etc.

The Cost Of Care:


Please be aware, the costs for medical materials and supplies, and vendors whom we rely on have skyrocketed.  The costs to provide care have more than doubled, in many instances.

Please Carefully Read Our Current Procedures At Advanced Veterinary Care Center:


-Only AVCC staff will be permitted inside the hospital. Visitation during hospitalization will not be permitted at any time. Please understand this, prior to giving consent for care or hospitalization.
-If you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of illness, please do not personally come to our hospital. Have a family member or friend transport your pet.
When you arrive at AVCC, PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE and call the hospital (954-500-8387).  A nurse will be assigned to assess your pet, get a brief history, and then bring your pet inside the hospital for examination.
-Dogs must be leashed and cats must be in a secure carrier. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to remove their pet from their vehicle.
-While you are waiting, a Client Service Representative will call you to verify your personal and pet information.
-After your pet’s examination, the doctor will contact you via phone to discuss your pet’s condition(s) and make any necessary recommendations.  A financial estimate for testing and care will be provided for your review and approval before anything else is done. This will be done by email and/or telephone.
-All payment will be collected over the phone.
-If your pet is staying with us, no personal items will be left with your pet. This includes blankets, collars, leashes, toys, and clothing from home.

Please Bring Along Your Kindness And Patience:


-We ask for your patience and your kindness as we work to provide you quality service under these circumstances.
-We understand these protective measures, including curbside visits, no face-to-face interaction, communication by phone and limited bonding with the doctor increases frustration.
-Rest assured, we are doing our very best to make your pet’s care, our top priority, while we are at capacity. We continue to show up day after day, with a great deal of our team working more hours than they should, covering for those team members who are sick, exposed, or quarantined.

We look forward to the day, when Covid-19 no longer poses these challenges for both veterinarians and pet owners. If you have any questions about our Covid-19 protocols, please reach out to our practice manager at 954-500-8387.

Please stay healthy and safe,

The Advanced Veterinary Care Center Team